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    On lifting days, it's 2 hours including change/shower time, stretching, sauna, etc. Lifting time specifically is probably an hour including accessory work.

    Running days varies. Training for a 10 mile race, so some days it's a short easy run of 25-30 minutes, others it's over an hour, and then there's stretching and accessory work sometimes.

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    I have a home gym too. I spend a few minutes here and there.

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    Lifting routine is about 50 to 70 min, including warm-up and stretch/foam roll. If I have time, I drop to the steam room after or do 30 min of cardio. Cardio workouts are ~ 30-40 min with w/u cool-down. Hapki-do class is 90 min (the longest session I now put in).
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    I fuck around a lot when I go to the globo gym and could spend 3-4 hours there at a time, obviously not the entire time is spent working out (hence the fucking around). Another reason why I love crossfit. The class environment forces me to not fuck around.

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    I think that depends a lot on what is considered "the gym".

    Heavy lifting = 2 sessions per 8 days, about 30-40 min tops
    Crossfit, whole body, olympic barbells = 2 session per 8 days, 30 min
    Hiking, farming, chopping wood, chasing down animals = half my waking hours

    Wow, just realized that means that in a month I spend only 8 hours in the gym!! I want a medal!!!

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    I lift at home three times per week. It usually takes 45-60 minutes.
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    Takes me a little less than an hour.
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    It varies time-wise, but adds up to as little time as needed to get the work done properly and then get the hell outta there!

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    2 Turkish Get-ups 3-5 minute rest between sets. 2 sets of 5-10 dead lifts with 3-5 minute rest between sets. 3 torture twists with 30 second rests. 3 times a week. Total time under load... less than 20 minutes a week.

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    No time.
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