As of late I've taken to the 1 meal / day for most days approach. However, for some weeks now I have been largely skimping on the veggies. I was doing farmers market greens for a while, but noticed that I really wasn't using any of it and stopped buying because they were just going to waste. Now my diet consists mostly of some kind of meat (pork typically, gotta change that), egg, cheese, yogurt, kefir and tea. I do occasionally get some other stuff; I'll use some of my 20% on a quesedilla from a local taco truck, that usually has some pico de gallo. I like bananas. This kind of happened on it's own - no longer have motivation to eat vegetables. Going to see about putting more things in my omelets.

Anyways, what are some drawbacks to this method of eating? I feel fine, so I think I may be running off reserves or I'm getting enough of the various vitamins and minerals not present in those components above. Note, I don't think I eat anywhere near the 2,000 cals / day on average, which has helped the fat come off a bit easier. I haven't tracked anything.

Would a diet as above raise risk of gout or some other physological problems? A friend of mine is curious, as am I.

I like to think I'm just being really lazy ish. Or cheap...