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Thread: Drawbacks of the mostly meat diet?

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    Been eating like you for quite a while now and feeling great. NH is right about the nose to tail part being important. Eat some liver and get some seafood in.

    I find the plant matter that has stayed in my diet as all the stuff I only ate because I thought I was supposed to fell away tends to not be veggies at all (not technically although you may find them in the veggie section of the market).

    seaweed (algae)
    mushrooms (fungi)
    tomatoes, avocado, bell peppers (fruits)
    onions and garlic (bulbs)
    pine nuts and mac nut are treats

    All the green stuff like lettuce and broccoli just doesn't appeal at all. And I do know how to cook so this isn't a bachelor cuisine thing. I really feel better this way.

    My idea of a "refeed" is an occasional frozen fruit and kefir smoothie or frozen fruit blended with hwc for soft serve ice cream.
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    I myself actually tend to do far better on a diet that lacks in veggies. My digestion just cannot handle them! Sometimes I can eat truck loads and be fine, but MOST OF THE TIME even with one piece of lettuce, I blow up into a balloon!

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    You know, all this makes too much sense. As a kid, and even into adulthood I wondered why something that was supposed to be so good for us was often so bloody nasty. It speaks to the adaptability of the human body in that we can survive on an entirely plant based diet at all.

    I have made jokes in the past that I must have been a herdsman in a past life, because meat and dairy were so great. I think maybe the whole of the neolithic wasn't bad at all - droving being a neolithic invention.


    EDIT: I should write a book on "The Herdsman Diet" and make millions
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    Quote Originally Posted by MEversbergII View Post
    EDIT: I should write a book on "The Herdsman Diet" and make millions
    Go for it!

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