Hi everyone,

I'm pretty new to the Primal scene, just hit the 2 week mark yesterday. Doing pretty good though, and the last couple days my carb cravings dropped way off the radar (much better than last week where my face was planted to my desk they were so bad!) The only thing I'm having a little trouble with now is coffee. I really like my morning coffee (1 cup), and it's more of a pleasant ritual than a energy crutch nowadays. I was doing a bodybuilding plan before I switched to primal, and I had cut my coffee down to just a few Splenda packets for flavoring.

But now I am trying to kick my Splenda habit (might as well go all the way!), and replacing with just a teaspoon of sugar and a little cream. Unfortunately, that doesn't really "do" much to add any flavor to it, and I've been trying to find something extra I could add to it to boost up the flavor.

Does anyone here know of any "primal" approved coffee flavorings, or even what do you use in yours? I'll keep drinking my coffee no matter what, because I love the smell of it in the morning, but I thought I'd give it a shot and see what others might be doing that I'm not thinking of. Any opinions are greatly appreciated!