First of all sorry this will be long
I am currently 3 months postpartum. I am exclusively breastfeeding my daughter. Well I am thinking the breastfeeding saying of losing weight is simply a myth. I weighed 180 when I got pregnant, was only about 22% so considered healthy. Well the day I wen in for my scheduled csection I weighed 228!! After 2 weeks I lost the inital pregnancy weight and ended up at 212.
At 9weeks I started cuttin calories and began paleo eating and working out crossfit/running etc. well I am now 222!!!! Wtf!? So my three weeks of eating super healthy (1700cal a day) cross fit 3 times per week and running/walking with my double stroller on other days.

I am hypothyroid(had thyroid cancer when I was 19 I am now 28)so I do take synthyroid everyday. I have had every possible test under the sun. Everything has come back normal of course.

I do find that the days I do crossfit I am super moody and feel really crappy.

I also took my inches measurements and have lost inches though.
Does anyone have any insight on what they think is going on? I am feeling so discouraged about nursing and also working out .