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Thread: Breastfeeding/nutrition weight gain help!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carm720 View Post
    Hi Waterlilly
    Breastfeeding is super important to me as well. I'm just worried about my health as I keep getting bigger and bigger. I can not take care of her and my toddler girl if I feel so crappy. So I guess it is the weight that bothers me but also my own psyical and mental health. I never been this big in my life..I worry about things like heart diabetes as other health problems that come with too much weight.
    If you've lost inches, you are not getting bigger and bigger.

    Ditch the scale, and eat for optimal health for you AND your babies That means optimal mental health also.
    *My obligatory intro

    There are no cheat days. There are days when you eat primal and days you don't. As soon as you label a day a cheat day, you're on a diet. Don't be on a diet. ~~ Fernaldo


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    What do your thyroid labs look like?
    Using low lectin/nightshade free primal to control autoimmune arthritis. (And lost 50 lbs along the way )

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    Quote Originally Posted by jammies View Post
    What do your thyroid labs look like?
    First off thank you everyone for all the responses.i am definetly going to slow down my workouts and maybe just stick to walking for this next week and see if that change anything.

    For my thyroid my tsh was 2.0. My t3 was 1 I believe and not sure if my t4 but I know it was "normal" accordin to the dr. There is one small thing that I found strange and that was my blood glucose level was only 65 and that was after I ate 2 hour prior a grassfed whey protein smoothie with berries and avocado. I asked my dr and she blew it off

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    When you are nursing you still have elevated levels of female hormones, not as high as pregnancy but higher than normal. Those hormones will encourage your body to store and keep fat to supply the nursing. Many women including myself simply couldn't lose weight while nursing. At this point I would just work on fitness levels and keeping the little one fed. I am also diabetic and hashimoto's so I am also familiar with the effects of those. A blood sugar level of 65 is probably not a worry unless you spend a lot of time there. Both exercise and nursing will deplete your blood sugar and bring it down. My son was 21 lbs by six months old and exclusively nursed. I ended up eating an insane amount of calories to keep up with him in milk. I figured if I wasn't gaining weight that I was eating enough to supply him with enough calories. He was 36 lbs by his first birthday and 38 by his second. I nursed him for 20 months total.

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    I am in a similar situation... my baby girl just turned 4 months old (and I have a 3 year old son). The weight seemed to melt off much quicker after I had my son (maybe I was getting more sleep when I just had 1 kid?). My body hung onto 5 or so pounds while I was breast-feeding but that was it.

    Right now I'm 10-15 pounds above my normal weight and I haven't seen the scale move at all since 6 weeks post-partum. I am still wearing maternity pants too (so depressing!) but I know I'll fit into my regular jeans some day! I am at a healthy BMI now (150 lbs & I'm 5'9") but my waste has quite a bit of cushion left over! The mirror test is often more accurate than the scale!

    I do eat more than you (probably around 2500 calories per day) and I'm not nearly as active (I cannot imagine doing cross-fit... I'm way too tired - I do half hour weight workouts a couple times per week & walking). Anyway, I don't have any magical tips for you (sorry!) - just wanted to say I'm in the same boat. I also eat more carbs (between around 125-200 g per day) than I would if I weren't breast-feeding. I'm hesitant to restrict calories or carbs as I don't want my supply to be affected.

    Good luck!!!

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