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    Are these macro-nutrient numbers in the ballpark?

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    That was me!

    I was wondering if 125lbs might be a little bit low for your height, but it sounds fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by secret agent girl View Post
    I've made some changes and am not experiencing necessary weight loss, so it's time to get a little more involved. For me, that's going to be a period of tracking macro-nutrients. Please respect this.

    Based on reading this site and few outside resources to fill in the gaps, here's what I've come up with. If you see errors, I welcome your input!

    Eating "healthy" foods, as generally considered by Primals/Paleos, I'm aiming for:

    This is based on the target lean body weight(?) I'm using my lowest adult weight, 125, which is probably still somewhat overweight. If--no, WHEN I get close to that, I can adjust. Or should I be starting out with a lower target? I'm using .7g as the multiplier, since I'm not hugely active: besides everyday living activities, I try to walk for 45 minutes more days than not.

    I'm aiming for about 60g a day. Will intentionally go over and under periodically.

    Enough to avoid chronic hunger. Some hunger is occasionally okay; if I'm getting more irritable than baseline because of it, I'll up it a bit and see if that helps. Because I don't trust my body's calibration towards portion sizes, etc., I'm still considering whether I need to track fats (which would give me ratios and calories in case I need them to fine-tune things down the road).

    Final question
    How much does age or gender play into these calculations, or setting reasonable expectations for myself?
    Lean body weight doesn't mean your weight when you feel lean, it means the weight of all your lean tissue. So if you want to be 150 lbs with 20% body fat, your target LBM is .8 x 150, or 120. Then you multiply that by .7 or whatever constant you feel is appropriate.

    60 g carbohydrate is probably fine for a not-super-active person, but keep an eye on how you feel. Some people (myself included) enjoy how they feel on half as much, and some people feel lethargic on twice that level. You really have to do some personal experimentation here.

    You don't say how much fat you're eating, but I'm not a proponent of counting anyway.

    Gender doesn't play into anything here, because it refers to grammatical classes. Sex, on the other hand is probably relevant because of hormonal and body composition differences. 20% body fat is pretty lean for a woman, but not so lean for a man. Men tend to carry more muscle mass, and to have higher resting metabolic rates. Women tend to be more prone to storing fat. Don't overthink it though. Less stress = better results. Sounds like you're on the right track.

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    I wanted to avoid smart@$$ comments...
    You came to the wrong place!!!

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