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Thread: Want to go Primal? Drop the wife or husband (Rule #11)

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    Want to go Primal? Drop the wife or husband (Rule #11)

    Hey guys,

    This is not a joke and I'm not trolling.

    We're all here because we feel we need to live our lives according to our primal / natural needs.

    There is a lot of research saying that we're non monogamous, that we're not designed to stay in long term relationships with just one partner.

    In the small tribes that Gork used to live in, everyone were sharing everything - the food, the security and.... sexual partners.

    That made sense because when everybody is sharing everything everyone is safer. No woman or child is dependent on ONE man. When everybody is sleeping with everybody - nobody knows who fathered who so the males protect all the children.

    Monogamy was basically "invented" by the elite to organize society so private property could be accumulated and taxed, for social classes to be created, for wealth to be passed on from one generation to the next. Monogamy is what brought us here, to the where our civilization is today, but it is no longer necessary.

    There is tons of research in this area and the most popular book written on the subject is this one:

    Sex at Dawn: How We Mate, Why We Stray, and What It Means for Modern Relationships: Christopher Ryan, Cacilda Jetha: 9780061707810: Books

    I copy here part of a review from Amazon:

    "The suggestion that humans did not evolve as a monogamous species is not as radical an idea as it may sound. In The Descent of Man Charles Darwin wrote, "Those who have most closely studied the subject [particularly the anthropologist Lewis Henry Morgan] believe that communal marriage was the original and universal form throughout the world." Yet ever since the nineteenth century anthropologists have struggled over how to identify the mating system of human beings. In 1967 George P. Murdock's Ethnographic Atlas reported that only 14.5% of modern preindustrial societies could be classified as monogamous. Yet, in the West, researchers commonly refer to humans as "serially monogamous," based on the pattern of repeated monogamous marriages throughout men and women's lifetimes. But with over half of divorces occurring because of infidelity and one in 25 dads unknowingly raising children that they didn't father, this is not a picture that fits comfortably with monogamy of any sort, serial or otherwise.

    However, by looking at modern indigenous societies and comparing the findings of anthropologists with the latest results in behavioral psychology and biology, Ryan and Jethá piece together a remarkably coherent pattern from an otherwise fractured understanding of human sexuality. From societies that believe that multiple men are necessary for a successful pregnancy (what researchers refer to as "partible paternity") to those where not having an extra-marital tryst will cause a man to be labeled "stingy of one's genitals" by his female suitors, the authors conclude that marriage may be an established social arrangement among many hunter-gatherers but it's one in which sexuality is decidedly fluid. A range of physiological evidence from Western populations is further offered to support this position, from the year-round libido in both sexes, to the unusually large size of men's genitalia compared to other apes, to the shifting sexual strategy during various stages in women's reproductive cycle (and lest we forget multiple female orgasms?). All suggest that our species is adapted for several concurrent sexual partners."

    (the reference to multiple orgasms in females - in Gork's tribe women used to have sex with a few males, one after the other, to increase the chance of insemination and so it will be impossible to know who fathered the offspring, as mentioned above)

    So I wanted to start a discussion here about this subject and see what you guys think. Was this ever discussed in the community?

    As for myself, even before going into primal eating habits, I realized that long term monogamous relationships are "not for me". Only later I discovered that they are actually not for anyone and that it's just another example of how our culture has engineered us in a specific way, mainly to the benefit of the elite.
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