Like pretty much everyone else I started off primal going heavy on the paleo treats then tapered off as per recommendations. That's when the bloating started though and the cravings and some weight gain, which was ridiculously annoying. Yes, I was definitely eating way too much but I felt that I couldn't help it even though I wasn't physically hungry or anything.

Recently I threw caution to the wind and decided to eat nut butters, maple syrup, raw honey, chia puddings, xylitol, paleo hot chocolates, avocados blended with dates and vanilla, raw vegan bars, raw vegan cakes and chocolates etc etc whenever I want. I probably have these things around 2-3 times a day and sometimes they constitute an entire meal. I find that I don't want enormous amounts of them when I do eat them now though- I'll eat 2 teaspoons of raw honey then whew, I'm done and don't want anything sweet. The only thing I don't eat much of is fruit, which makes me feel lethargic. Most of the treats are simple preparations or store-bought (most of the raw vegan stuff) vs before when a rare treat necessitated long-preperation and predominantly SAD-food appearance (e.g. paleo banana bread, paleo cookies, paleo brownies).

I feel better, my stomach looks flatter and I don't have cravings for ridiculous amounts of fat that was pushing me way above normal calorie counts and was making me seriously sick even though I have a lovely functional gallbladder. I don't know if a keto-diet for epilepsy would involve that much oil in one single sitting. I feel like my appetite is way more in check and when I'm not hungry I rarely want to eat.

Don't completely know why it works (I'm not much higher carb than before. Still about 100-150g) but thought I'd put it out there for anyone who is obsessing about cutting down nuts and preparing unsweet and unsatisfying treats that they overeat but are never satisfied with. Yeah, I know nuts throw off omega-3:6 but I currently don't feel worse for the wear and am leaning a little toward macadamias and cashews which have more monounsaturated fat.

Has anyone experienced the same? Theories about why it worked this way?