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Thread: The Next Chapter

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    The Next Chapter

    It has been two years since I started the Primal Lifestyle. I have a pretty good handle on the foods now and have quite a bit of activity in my daily life. My weight, while not where I want it to be yet, is far better than where I started. My focus now is to tone up, lean out and LGIC. I'm pretty sure I'll never reach LGN ever again, but I want to be comfortable in my own skin.

    As of right now, I am a pretty active, young 54 who is 5'10" and 178 pounds. I started this year at 192 so there is some progress. Medications and wacky hormones have been causing me difficulties for the last four years but there are signs that things are straightening themselves out.

    Those of you have followed me in the past, thanks for being with me through this next chapter. Those of you who have just joined me, welcome to my life!
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