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Thread: Diets high in fat linked to Alzheimer's?

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    Quote Originally Posted by awok677 View Post
    I'm convinced my parents' more recent diet of lower natural fat and silly lower-the-cholesterol spreads is what precipitated my father's alzheimer's. Once my mother took over the shopping there was a lot more processed foods and wheat products and less cheese and belly pork.

    If you consider the current thinking implicating reduced glucose metabolism in the brain (type 3 diabetes and insulin resistance of the brain) in Alzheimer's, then it's more likely to be high sugar and wheat products that have caused this. Currently my father is responding well to increased supplementation with coconut oil and around 30% carb intake mostly from potatoes and fruit.

    Personally I have a high interest in avoiding Alzheimer's and I'm placing my bets on the side of sugar/wheat causing Alzheimer's and good fats being healthy for the brain (which contains a lot of fats and uses a lot in maintenance and repair) and sticking with around 75% of my intake from healthy fats - CO and meat/eggs/fish.
    I have to agree.

    I know it's not the same, but after my concussions (yes, multiple) I got a really crappy attitude and everything annoyed me. An angry kind of depression, like PMS to the nth degree.

    When I ate a spoonful or two of coconut oil, I could really see a big difference in my brain function. I was a lot more reasonable and my moods were more level.
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