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    I had a month of one meal a day that I was happy on, but I've had to up calories and decided for the moment that 2 would work better than trying to cram more into the one meal. Currently eating breakfast ( 7 - 8am) and dinner (6pm) and hoping my body gets the message first thing that plenty of fuel is available and releases fat stores during the afternoon. ... or something like that!
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    Usually one big meal a day, sometimes two. I snack on raw fruits, vegetables and cheese throughout the day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kochin View Post
    LIES. You can't get sick of eggs. Some people can develop an allergy through over-exposure, but you can't get sick of them. I went through a phase of eating 60 a week (anywhere from 6 to 12 a day) to save money. Even after that I'll happily and spontaneously eat 8 eggs in a sitting.
    How are you having them? If they're hard-boiled day-in-day-out, I'd understand the boredom. But there are many ways of cooking, seasoning and serving eggs to help you mix it up a bit.
    Poached, fried or scrambled....I can't be bothered boiling and then taking the shell off....I'm trying to mostly fry or scramble so that I can add butter/coconut oil to up the fat intake. I try to vary the fat source too that I fry the eggs in to impart different flavours...
    I only have a microwave available at work so I tend to take in left over meat from the previous night and just crack in 4 eggs and mix for a nice scrambled egg/meat combo...I like that...

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    Meals per day. It varies. Sometimes I'll eat once a day, in the late afternoon/ early evening, and just have coffee, water, or other liquids all day. Lately I have been having very long days at work (12+ hours) so I have been eating breakfast before work, and parking a lunch, then having dinner later. That's 3 per day, which is usually uncharacteristic for me. I won't eat breakfast if I wake up after 9am, though. It's usually lunch/dinner, or just dinner for me.

    Quote Originally Posted by fuzzynavel View Post
    I can't be bothered boiling and then taking the shell off
    If you take a thumb tack, and make a tiny incision in the shell (very carefully) before you boil, then the shells are very easy to peel off (because some water gets between the shell/film and egg part). The hole isn't big enough for egg to really escape, too.
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    Right now, just two. Lunch and dinner.
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    4-6 all around 500-1000 calories

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    I eat 2 or 3 meals, usually without snacks. If I'm hungry in between I eat fruit or cheese, or drink some tea or raw milk. My boyfriend can't eat nearly as much as I can in a sitting, though, so he tends to snack throughout the day and eats 2 or 3 smaller meals whereas I prefer to eat large, very filling meals.

    It seems like meal frequency is pretty varied around here.

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    Looking at all the members meals I guess carbs do make you eat more? Anyone else see that pattern

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    One for workout days -- otherwise three...

    - Bulletproof coffee or green tea every morning (don't count that as a meal)
    - Breakfast, lunch and dinner for non-workout days
    - Dinner post workout on 2 lifting days a week

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    I'm on a lower calorie phase, so 2 with one snack.

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