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    2 meals a day. Late lunch between 1-3 is first meal, and again between 6-9. Mornings I have coffee with coconut oil and not hungry until afternoon.

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    2. Sometimes 3. But usually 2. Breakfast at 5am and dinner around 5pm
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    I try to eat at around noon time then from there I found out I sleep a lot better than if I eat early in the morning. Because if you think about it our ancestor had to spend a few hours finding food. So maybe our biological clocks are wired that way what you guys and girls think? I also found this study Eating times affect circadian rhythm, study finds | Yale Daily News

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    3-4 meals. I sometimes skip breakfast but always have lunch, an afternoon snack, and dinner.
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    No consistency in meal number here. Whatsoever.

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    Week 6 here. I find I'm eating 2 meals a day, breakfast and dinner. I'll >sometimes< have a salad at midnight (night shift worker), but nowadays, I'm often not hungry, or not hungry enough, to eat that salad 3.5 hours after dinner. I do snack in between meals...walnuts, a chunk of dark chocolate, berries, a banana or apple.

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    One meal a day. Occasionally two, but usually just one in the evening.

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    I prefer eating once a day - typically two meals, dinner/breakfast and dessert. Sometimes I'll nibble on a chocolate bar throughout the day to get the calories in, and because I love chocolate.

    Though recently I've been having an earlier meal at around "lunchtime" to accommodate for my girlfriend, of whom has recently has had to assume a gluten-free diet (else risk hospitalising me when we kiss) so I don't make her feel uncomfortable by having her not eat while she does; she's adopted my food, not my eating habits - she can't eat as much as I can in a sitting, and I don't want her to hurt herself trying to eat like me.

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    Just 2. One between 11 & 2 and the second between 6 & 8! And then I am done. Works for me quite well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tomi View Post
    normally 2 meals with one snack, or no snack.
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