Hi Everybody,

I'm considering joining one of the three Crossfit boxes near me and would like the unbiased review from, who better than, the Primal Peeps.

Did you hate it and quit after a week? Did you love it so much you went and bought your own franchise? And everything in between. I want to hear it all.

I know the subject has come up in passing on some other threads (Usually slanted one way or the other e.g."terrified of crossfit") I want the whole truth. Both sides and the middle.

Some concerns/questions I have that people might have an opinion and/or facts about.

1) Are all Crossfit boxes pretty much standardized or is each an individual approach?
2) I have heard that the group pressure can sometimes make people push beyond their capabilities and get hurt
3) I have heard that the timed workouts can sometimes lead to sloppy form and getting hurt
4) Do you have to be with a trainer at all times or can you go in and just use the equipment by yourself?

So, bring it on. I appreciate all your feedback.