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Thread: Ongoing Issues

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    Ongoing Issues

    Hi All,

    I've suffered from digestive issues for a long time now. Symptoms are bloating/gas and loose BMs. I've been primal for several years now and that has improved things a lot, however I still often have the same issues.

    I tested positive for lactose intolerance a while back, so avoid dairy altogether except small amounts of ghee. More recently I worked out I was having issues with coconut and onions, which led me to look into a low fodmap diet. This has cleared up the gas issues, but if anything the loose BMs have become more frequent. The low fodmap diet does greatly limit the number of vegetables allowed, and as a result I'm probably eating less of them. Could this be the cause of the loose BMs? Is it lack of fibre (I no CW massively overplays the benefits of fibre, but some probably helps, right)?

    I want to start trying to reintroduce foods eliminated when starting low fodmap, but these ongoing issues prevent me from gauging the effects. Is it worth trying a fibre supplement? Any other suggestions?

    I can post the foods I eat regularly if that helps...

    EDIT - I should probably mention that these problems aside, I am in good health; 29yo male, 5'9", 165 lbs;
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