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Thread: More Crap 'Studies' And More Crap Journalism

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    Its a completely unreliable source of information, as I would imagine, are the Kardashians.

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    Someone on FB posted another similar article

    They took a high saturated fat diet and also made it high glycemic. Then they noted that the incidence of something (can't remember because it was a forgettable study) that caused Alzheimer's. Then they reduced the saturated fat (as well as the high glycemic index foods - per their own admission) and lo and behold, it went down.

    WTH happened to changing one thing to see what happens?

    Their findings:
    High saturated fat + high glycemic = Alzheimer's
    Low saturated fat + low glycemic = no Alzheimer's
    Therefore saturated fat must cause Alzheimer's.

    Just ridiculous.

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    It's all about the grains but the media like to hit on red meat

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    Quote Originally Posted by PureFunctionalFitness View Post
    I think I should really ignore it, but when is this going to stop
    Who knows.

    It's a weird way of thinking; like I'm going to just study this tiny little area of nature, see correlations, not have any idea what they mean, jump to conclusions, and not have any evolutionary perspective thru which to view things.

    Like, how could what we evolved eating be suddenly causing us problems? Hmm that's a good question to ask. Wait, I wonder if it is the grains instead? [idea]

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