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Thread: More Reps or Switch to Machines

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    More Reps or Switch to Machines

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    I have been currently doing the 5 X 5 weight lifting routine at my apartment's gym. The problem I am going to run into in about two months is that I will reach the max weight of the dumbbells the gym offers for shoulder presses and bench presses. I am currently living abroad and gym memberships are expensive and I do not have room in the apartment to buy a cheap set of weights and place them there. I will be leaving the country in 14 months and plan on purchasing a bench press rack and squat rack when I get home. The question I have is would it be more beneficial to I concentrate on doing more reps with the free weights or switch to the machine and do shoulder presses and chest presses with increasing weights and keep on doing 5 X 5.

    I would appreciate any thoughts that anyone has on the matter.

    Thank you.

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    If your only choices are dumbbells and machines, go for the free weights. Most machines don't allow your body to move through space naturally (it has to follow the machine's path). Also, any progress from machines doesn't transfer well to barbell exercises. Best of luck.
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