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    Do You Stop Eating When You're Full?

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    I would love to learn how to eat "normally" By that I mean eating when I'm hungry and stopping when I'm full. I really struggle with it. To provide some context, I spent many years being morbidly obese. I'm 5'7" and topped out at 315. I lost 120+ pounds through strict calorie restriction and chronic cardio (Ironman). I've been primal for almost 2 months (staying fairly low carb 25-75g/day) It's been going pretty well, I've lost 16lbs and feel much better (still have 40lbs to lose)

    The one thing that I still struggle with is stopping when I'm full. Often I'll be half way through a plate of dinner and feel full. Instead of stopping I'll just keep eating because it tastes good. I've used food as comfort, entertainment, mood regulator etc. for so long that I'm finding it hard to change that pattern.

    Curious if anyone has overcome this? Is it possible to learn to eat when hungry and stop when full? Any tips, strategies or advice?


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    Drinking water between bites helps me. Also, if your take your time eating it should help. Foods with larger amount of healthy fats are more dense and should make you feel more full.

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    Yes, it is possible. Before primal eating (low carb at first to lose weight) everytime I ate, I ate until my stomach hurt. About half way through my weight loss (F 37 5'2" started 195 currently 129), when I had something higher carb like white potatoes, I would stop myself as soon as I felt full because I realized that eating primally I enjoy my food much more, but if I ate until I my stomach hurt then I wouldn't enjoy it as much, so why ruin that? So I actually had to tell myself in my head to stop and eventually it just came naturally to stop when full.

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    As I understand it, the more overweight a person is, the less they feel the signals of being full. So don't stress too much about this, just be aware of it and consciously try to control your portion size before it gets on your plate. Serve yourself whenever you can, and if you're measuring portions or counting calories, decide how much food that is before you put it on your plate. Don't be afraid of fattier foods, and base meals on fat and protein, avoid added sugars. Then when you're finished, put the plate away, have some water/tea, distract yourself with activities. Wait 20mins.

    Also, eat slowly, chew slowly, eat away from distractions such as TV or computer where you're likely to overeat because you're not paying attention to actual eating.

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    To a great extent overweight is a result of a complex system of bad habits we have picked up over the years. Many started in childhood, when many of us were forced to finish everything on our plates and ignore our hunger. I also used to look at half a plateful of food I wasn't hungry for but went ahead and ate it because it tasted really good.

    You need to be able to give yourself permission to either put the plate in the refrigerator for another meal (not to finish later) or throw the food away. Throwing excess food away is an option you need to exercise on occasion. We do not exist to serve as human garbage disposals. The world will not end because we throw away something we aren't hungry for today that won't be worth eating tomorrow. There are times when it's the right thing to do. It's like a muscle you need to exercise to build up strength to say "no" and mean it.

    You also need to learn to recognize that point when you are no longer hungry in order to know when to put the fork down. Don't wait until you are full to stop. Start asking yourself while you are still hungry to find that point where your hunger has gone away.

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    Sounds a little strange to me.

    Perhaps you're not really full.

    If you're half way through the plate and you're really full and then you finish it off, then don't you feel sick?

    Why not just have half the food on the plate - you know you'll feel full when you have eaten it.

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    I look pretty good. I'm at a healthy weight now. 18% body fat, 5'9", between 175 and 185 pounds any given day. I always eat past satiety. If I don't feel my stomach pushing out from under my ribs, I didn't eat enough. Then again, I only eat once or twice a day and easily need 2500 calories per day, if not 3000 on a busy day. I can't afford to eat less. And if I start eating less, it might become a habit, and them my muscles will waste away. That's a fail. So I do it this way, because it works for me in my busy life. You find what works for you. Try different things until something clicks.
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    Sometimes, I eat until my stomach cannot take it any longer, whatever food I have in front of me, but I make sure I chew my food and the meal lasts for like 2 hours, no rush! Sometimes, I eat until I am relatively full but could definitely add some more. I vary a lot. Usually, I can tell when I am really full because I get quite thirsty during the digestion.

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    I don't like drinking lots of water with meals - it dilutes the digestive enzymes in my stomach and makes me feel physically full before I've had enough calories, contributing to bloating and feeling 'stuffed', soon to be followed by feeling hungry again.

    I certainly do overeat when dehydrated, so I'm not anti-water drinking. I'm just in favour of sipping a small drink and chewing thoroughly as a way to be in touch with when I'm genuinely full.

    YMMV, of course.

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    I found two things happened when I switched to primal, firstly I did feel more full from eating PB foods, due to the protein, sat fats and general nutrition of veg and fruit, but having said that, I did still overeat occasionally, especially at the beginning, purely I think because I was used to doing it, and its a habit that has kind of phased itself out over 7 months.

    Very occasionally now, I still have a meal where I eat it and then have to go and cook more but I put this down to genuine hunger rather than overeating.

    There is one other consideration - if you are eating a plate of meat and vegetables, you might be eating a lot because your body needs it! Most people with a history of obesity have corresponding nutrition deficiencies that built up over time.

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