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Thread: Do You Stop Eating When You're Full?

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    Personally I always eat up my food that is served on a large plate usually including 3/4 pound of meat, chicken or fish, with potatoes, sweet potatoes, rice, banana etc., after eating a green salad first. Then I finish with fruit salad and black Colombian coffee and ice water. More than 2000 primal calories in one huge dinner! The black coffee marks the end and "period" of the meal and makes me feel even fuller...

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    There's also a difference between not being hungry anymore, feeling full and being stuffed to the gills.

    It can take a while to re-learn what your body is telling you. Early on in my primal/paleo experience I was eating only when I was hungry enough to eat an actual meal (hence no snacking) and stopping eating when I was no longer hungry. This led me to under eating and dropping to much weight,so I had to readjust to eating pay the "no longer hungry" point but not so much that I'd overeat and get bloated or feel sick.
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    If you are new to the PB - please ignore ALL of this stuff, until you've read the book, or at least

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    Quote Originally Posted by HeatherW View Post
    Yes, I often eat until I feel overfull / sick. That's what I'm trying to stop. I chalk it up to years and years of overeating and using food as a drug. I'm trying to learn to see food as fuel, as medicine - not as something to be used to make me feel better after a bad day.

    ........ I think I'll start by taking less on my plate. That's probably a good place to start.
    Ok. Yes I guess you'll need to re-learn when to stop.
    Lessen the stresses in life/work if possible.

    Less food on the plate is a good start.
    Try a walk after dinner.

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