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Thread: Another question about fat

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    Another question about fat

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    I'm a little confused about how to make sure that I'm getting enough fat in my diet. I'm a visual person, so seeing % numbers determining how much fat I should be getting just doesn't mean much to me.

    1.) How do you all determine that you're getting enough fat? Do you all use fitday or some other program?

    2.) What does that much fat look like say, on a daily basis? Would anyone be willing to share with me the fat content of their daily diets?

    I've stopped draining my ground beef when I make it, I've been cooking things in about a teaspoon of bacon fat, I use a ton of butter and I occasionally drizzle olive oil over my veggies. I still need to procure some other types of oils, like coconut, lard and tallow but I can't get those for about another month. I started drinking coconut milk, but much? A can a day? A half a can?

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    I have been tracking on Calorie King (I have this downloaded on my computer). I am shooting for 1900 calories/day based on Mark's info his book, my weight, weight loss goals. I have a journal if you want to check out what my day looks like. I am shooting for 17% carbs (80grams), 53% fat (111grams), and 30% protein (142grams).

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    1) If you're hungry between meals, you need more fat. If you graze, you need more fat. If you crave carbs, feed fat. I treat fat as my overflow macronutrient: you can only intake so much protein and carbs, fill it with fat. I usually hit 60 -70% fat, approx 80- 100 g fat.
    2) My usual intake:
    No breakfast
    Lunch: salad w/ veggies, meat (leftover steak, chicken thigh with skin, or smoked fish), 2 tbsp bacon grease or olive oil, balsamic vinegar.
    Dinner: Steak, chicken with skin, or shrimp. Steak is coated in a sesame oil, garlic butter mixture before grilling, chicken or shrimp is cooked in coconut oil. More veggies (grilled and topped with butter or sesame vinagrette, salad with vinagrette, sauteed veggies in butter, bacon cooked veggies... At least 3-5 tbsp oil or butter used. Cheese possibly added. )
    If I'm snacky, I may eat a few slivers of butter. 1-2 fish oil pills.

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    Yeah fitday is a powerful tool. Plug the food that you eat into their search engine and you will get a ratio of macronutrients. First figure out approximately how many calories you want to be eating and then shoot for percentages of macronutrients to comprise your total caloric intake. I find that's the simplest way to do things. It's also nice to be aware of how many grams that is so you know your limits and requirements for other macronutrients. For example, I don't want any more than 150g of carbohydrate and I also want a minimum of 150g of protein so I tend to count those. 150g of carbs and 150g of protein at 4 calories per gram is 1200 calories. Right now I'm eating about 2500 calories per day so I'm getting 24% carbs and 24% protein (approximately. It's not always exact) and the rest is fat. Or you could shoot for a total amount of fat and then fill in with carbs and protein but most people prefer a protein requirement and a carb cap. None of this is to be accurate of course, some days are more carbs, some days are more fats, it really depends. But in the beginning when you're still trying to grasp the idea of looking at quantities of food as different amounts of macronutrients, it's probably best to log everything.
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