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    Primal Journal

    Primal Fuel
    Well, today is technically day 2 going primal.... but, never too late to start, right?

    B: Leftover Zucchini Egg Bake
    L: Leftover Primal Pizza
    S: Grok Rocks
    D: Moroccan Chicken w/ cauliflower rice

    The food side of the diet has been fine for me, however, my husband is being a slight barrier. I guess I should give a little background:

    I have struggled with weight loss since I had my daughter 3 years ago. I have a real issue with binge eating, especially sweets. So when I decided to go primal, I talked to my husband about it and asked him to at least do the 21 day transformation with me, and he agreed. But since then it's been a fight every step of the way. Turning his nose up when I say what we're having, questioning 'what's that's while I'm cooking, arguing about cleaning out the refrigerator, cost of the food, etc.

    Does anyone have any advice? I guess that's why I turned here, I need support because I suck at self motivation, and I'm definitely not getting it there.

    Also, does anyone have a substitute for cauliflower rice? Hubby hates it.

    Hoping tomorrow goes better!
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    Welcome, Bryanna. I like cauliflower "rice" but I refuse to call it rice and refuse to substitute it for rice. So I'm a stubborn guy too. I have been following Primal about 80% for 5 years. It has worked fantastically well. You don't have to do 100%. The 21 day transformation works well for some people, not for others. I never would have started Primal if I had had to do it.

    Do Primal for you, and for your daughter. More thoughts

    Good luck on Primal. You can do it!
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