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Thread: Exercise with a Post Surgical Shoulder

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    Red face Exercise with a Post Surgical Shoulder

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    I had rotator cuff/ labrum surgery last Tuesday June 11th. I am in day 6 of the 21 day transformation.
    I started exercising today, aside from a little walking last week. In my gym, I did Body Weight Ball Squats, DB Incline Bench Press & DB Row with my non affected arm/shoulder, the Pendulum Hip Press, Glute- Ham Trunk Curls, and a 45 degree Back Extension. All of it two sets with no rest. It took 12 minutes and I was pretty fatigued when finished.
    After being on pain meds for the last week, it felt great to do something physical.
    Day by day, step by step!

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    Good job and good luck to ya. Move that bad arm a bit too. The sooner the better (within limits and with context of the sort of repair you had done).

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    Yoga and pilates will help. They're designed to.

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