So I'm a poor poor grad school student at the moment, and I've started to eat primal, while also incorporating some of the "how to eat primal on a budget" tricks I've found around here. Still finding myself spending a fair amount of money on things week to week.

So I was just curious if anyone has found any ways to go primal on a REALLY low budget. Variety isn't that important to me, I don't mind alot of repitition in my meals (as long as I'm getting everything I need) - but that's easy for breakfast (eggs, bacon, berries, done) but I haven't had much success finding dirt cheap alternatives for lunch and dinner. Mostly I have turned to just a salad or veggie stir fry or just a regular protein (steak, chicken breast, or piece of fish) with a veggie for dinner.

I'm not much of a chef unfortunately (wish I were!), so the simpler the better. But if anyone has found something that is really cheap that they eat a good bit of, lemme know, thanks!