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Thread: Fresh Side Pork

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    Question Fresh Side Pork

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    I'm about to disappoint some primals but here we go...

    someone picked up some fresh side pork for me at a butcher shop. It was uncured/nitrate-free. Very thick cut.

    However, I just wasn't all that impressed with it. It was really kind of bland. Is 'side pork' the same cut as bacon cuz it sure looked similar. In fact, my wife didn't even eat any of it because it was that disappointing. I've had organic/nitrate-free stuff before but this wasn't nearly as tasty.
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    It's the same cut. I agree it's very bland on its own. Just throw a bit of salt, rosemary and oregano on it.

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    I like it crispy, so I cook it on low heat for a long time, can take 30 min or so. Based on comfort food memories of childhood, I like it with seasoned salt, but sea salt and some herbs, like Primalchild suggests, would be great too. Turn frequently, cook until quite crisp. The crispy fat is the best. And even better, if you have some with the skin still on the outside edge, it crisps up totally amazing into your own pork rinds attached to meat!!

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