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Thread: 21 Day Sugar Detox?

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    21 Day Sugar Detox?

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    Soo I was thinking about doing the 21 day sugar detox considering this weekend was horrendous with sweets. I'm still very new to primal and well camping with a non primal family didn't go very well. I thought about fasting but I felt that being my body was adjusting still it would do more harm then good. Let's just say that I'm ashamed of all the crap I stuffed into my face and I realize I have a problem with sugar lol. I was wondering, what are everyone's thoughts on the detox and does it really work? Will I not crave as much sugar as I do now? Will fruits and the occasional dark chocolate be enough?

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    Yes, it'll be helpful and will eliminate cravings. You'll be detoxing anyway if you don't plan on touching sugar in the near future (at least).

    Fruit is nutritious but limit it during this period because it might trigger cravings and excessive fructose is just as nearly as bad as feeding a refined sugar addiction.

    You can include this occasion as part of the 80/20 rule, though. Don't be too hard on yourself. You slipped up a little, CW conditions us to feel guilty about indulging, I'm still trying to overcome this thought process myself. What matters is getting back on track and applying some motivation and determination.

    Honestly from looking at your avatar you look very healthy, the detox might only be necessary if you have intense sugar cravings. Eat some raw fruit if you want something sweet, just don't overdo it. Primal isn't about restriction, if you truly are dedicated to your health and fitness then you'd get back on track.
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    Highly recommend. It's tough at first but gets much easier. Personally I never realized my sugar addiction until I cut it out. Some people can have it in moderation, I couldn’t.

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