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Thread: Why is coconut oil more preferred to cook with than Lard?

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    I use butter, lard, tallow, coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil, and very occasionally bacon fat (because I only very occasionally eat bacon). Each is damn near perfect with a given food - greens and bacon fat, eggs and butter, avocado oil for mayonnaise, etc. Coconut oil, aside from the almost pure energy of the MCTs is mild enough that it's a pretty good all purpose cooking fat - it also comes in handy for coffee if I run out of my favorite coffee whitener(s). I think if I put lard in my coffee, it would ruin the experience.

    As to processed, it's been said before, but unless you're chomping meat or fat right off of the animal, pretty much everything is processed since butchering is a mechanical process.
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    When I want to gain some weight I add oils to my foods, and it works well every time...

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    Here's an informative blog that discusses the advantages of coconut oil, in depth:
    Coconut Oil
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    Quote Originally Posted by Neckhammer View Post
    Preferred by who? I would prefer tallow, but lard would be fine. Also butter rocks!
    Tallow is my new favorite. (Only recently discovered.) Can't believe that I've lived without it all my life.

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    Lard is pretty dang good compared to most cooking oils and the like. It's not the worst choice out there. I wouldn't worry too much.

    But from a technical standpoint, coconut oil has a higher percentage of saturated fats in it than lard (by far) which overall makes it a far more stable cooking fat that is less prone to oxidizing and/or going rancid at higher temperatures. Lard has a much higher percentage of Omega-6s fats which most people get plenty of anyway, and these are quite prone to oxidizing at higher heats.

    And frankly, lard is still processed since you have to "render" it from the pig in some way. Fats are ONLY not processed if they are still attached to the animal's flesh.

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    I use lard, because it comes with the pig, so it is a freebie. Well, pork fat comes with the pig (officially for feeding the birds). Coconut oil is expensive and I use it for direct fat ingestion or if I do not want porky taste. Or if I am particular paranoid about O6 that day.
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    In many areas a jar of coconut oil is a lot more widely available than finding decent lard. The supermarket stuff is often CAFO mystery hog + hydrogenated.

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    Been reading about mct oil, the bulletproof one.
    Anyone have much experience with it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sting View Post
    why not buy some lard from the butcher and just melt it?
    Yeah, you can certainly render your own lard. It works best if you get the right kind of fat and not just the stuff you cut off the edge of your chops.

    I rendered some duck fat once. I got a quart of fat out of a single duck and it was very tasty and useful.
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    I like cooking shrimp in EVCO. Other than that I'll just eat it right off the measuring spoon.

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