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Thread: Cravings for raw ground meat page

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    Cravings for raw ground meat

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    Ever since I was a little girl I've been eating raw ground beef and bison. If I'm cooking it, I just can't resist sneaking a bit of the raw stuff. I likely could eat an entire plate of the stuff. Perhaps I was French in my last life! Anyone else have experience with this?

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    Steak tartare, German mett brot with onions... Yep I'm with you

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    Love it too. I've always eaten bits out of the hamburger or meatloaf mix. And tartare is amazing!

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    I see no problem with it as long as you know the meat is safe. Steak tartare is a great way to eat raw mince but I am sure there are other ways of preparing it.

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    Very interesting craving... I'd be concerned about the safety of eating raw meat.

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    Yup, I get it on occasion too. I prefer raw venison, with lots of spices. Mmm... delish! Even better with home-made mayo.

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    I love the smell of raw beef, but have never actually eaten it.

    Kibbeh is raw lamb with spices - i think it's Lebanese in origin.

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    As long is it is grass fed beef that was properly stored and you ground it yourself, it shouldn't make you sick in theory.
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    I grew up snacking on ground beef when it was hamburger night - my Mom wasn't afraid of that. Now, as an adult, I eat sashimi, Mett, steak tartare, etc, but most of the time we just cut slices off of the beef roast/steak and tap a corner into some seasoned salt as a snack before cooking. I even let my kids ask for a whole steak for the express purpose of eating the whole thing raw, and most of the rest of the family more than eagerly joins in.

    My two cents - if you (as in "if one is", not you specifically) are afraid of your food, as in raw beef will kill you, then buy better quality food. That steak we like to eat raw comes from a small shop that procures all of its meat from one local butcher of our acquaintance, and he knows it came from one single animal raised locally, because that butcher killed it himself. We asked. That is why we adore the stuff so - you can taste the quality starting at raw.
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    Shoot! Now I want some steak tartar!

    Funny experience. I was in Hamburg, Germany, having lunch, and saw steak tartar on the menu. Naturally, I jumped all over it. The server was very concerned that as an American, I might not understand that it was RAW. I told her that's why I wanted it!

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