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Thread: Measuring my own head!

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    Measuring my own head!

    I usually have a big problem in getting a hat or a cap that fits because my head is too large compared to the average person living in my country. I also have the same problem with getting shoes that fits for my feet! So today I finally decided to measure my “upper head” - the skull - for the first time in many years! (“Lower head” is measured far more often!) I took the measures of my skull in a horizontal line right above my eyebrows and it measured exactly 61 cm (=24 inches)! Then I decided to weigh my head as well, but how on earth do you weigh your own head? I put my brand new digital scale on the floor and I lay down on my back putting the back of my head in the middle of the scale, and very disappointing; it showed only 11 pound! I repeated the procedure and another time the scale verificated that my head only weigh 11 pound!!! It seems that even if the circumference is above average, the weight of my head is very low for a big guy like me!

    So, have you measured your head lately and what results did you get?

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