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Thread: Plants vegetables

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    Plants vegetables

    Just come across this article interested in others opinions he gives vegetables a bit of a bagging

    Article We don't need to consume plants

    We Don't Need to Eat Plants
    In Short :
    We are not pigeons.
    We are not cows.
    Therefore we don't have a crop to digest cereals, nor 4 stomachs to gradually digest grasses or leaves. Cereals and vegetables contain many different substances inhibiting digestion and the uptake of nutrients in humans. To maximally absorb all required nutrients, you need to consume easy-digestible raw foods. And fruits and sashimi or fresh raw egg yolk (mixed with avocado) combined, contain all nutrients you need. There is not a single nutrient in vegetables or cereals, fruits do not contain. (see site3)
    To prevent your tummy to swell; don’t consume any beans, vegetables or grains. However, some vegetables you may find easy to digest, which allows you to eat these.

    Why would we need a crop or 4 stomachs to digest cereals, beans or vegetables ?

    Just take a look at animals consuming plants only, like cattle, elephants, horses, koala bears, hippo’s, gorilla’s etc.; what do they all have in common ?
    All animals that eat plants only, have swollen bellies, because fibers can only be decomposed bacterially, causing gasses to originate. If you consume much grains, vegetables or beans, you definitely can forget about that flat tummy. (it’s not just about fat!) Cereals and beans contain about 6-fold more fiber as fruit averagely does. This fiber also inhibits essential cholesterol absorption
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