I find my body works at its best when I'm eating fish, game, tubers, roots and berries, sometimes adding other fruit, eggs, leafy greens...etc
This is very similar to what would have been the diet Slavic populations would have eaten during the time they were 'becoming' Slavic (aka: as they were developing the traits we call "Slavic", they were eating this diet). I happen to be phenotypically Slavic (in other words, my genetics are a mix, but the genes that express themselves are the Slavic ones). The main difference for me is that over Spring and Summer I seem to want to eat any fruit, even ones that don't have a nutritional counterpart in Eastern Europe. Canteloupes, anyone?
I started eating this way accidentally and sometimes deviate from it for financial reasons. But, since I noticed the link between Eastern European food sources and the foods that make me feel at my best, I've been aiming to keep it closer to what I want to eat, rather than just go for anything that's cheap.

For example, two meals that make me feel awesome:
Roast game with roast tubers or roots and some berries; or fish stew with tubers, roots and butter.
Now I've just had half a pheasant (the fat was yellow and delicious!), two potatoes, a parsnip, 50g of butter and a cup of berries. I'm feeling full, warm and happy and the energy is sinking in.

So, in what ways does your diet fit in with a geographic location/specific ethnic diet? Is this intentional, or did you just happen to start eating that way? Does it match your ancestry, or are you an Egyptian who eats the sort of foods available in North China?