Salam Al'Aykum, Ansuf, Khosh Amadid, Hoşgeldin, Barev, Bruchim ha-baim, and Welcome one and all to the definitive, ultimate collection of Middle Eastern foods on MDA. I have already posted some (ok, 2..) recipes before (which I'll be posting here as well), and whilst I needed this to be pointed out to me, it only makes sense that I start a thread dedicated to all recipes of the cultural and historical birthplace of civilisation.
Why am I so into Middle Eastern (ME) foods you ask? (you didn't, but I'll go on) I myself am of Armenian decent to a mother who was born and raised in central Tehran. It is of cultural significance. Food has always been of great importance in our house, not only from my mothers' side. My British dad has always been a believer that you should never skimp on good food, so it's much more than something that keeps us alive. I'm sure that most of you can relate.
ME food seems to me like a dark void when it comes to wider consumption. Everyone knows the Chinese or Indian places down the street, and can even mistake the kebab shop as being a representation of ME food, but real middle eastern food is fresh, aromatic, and healthier than even the most pungeant of rotating skewers that some may be familiar with at 3 in the morning. By hopefully sparking interest in the region, you will see that the ME contains some of the finest foods in the world, and not to mention, almost every dish is compliant with the PB. The removal of rice usually is all it takes.
I've been lucky if you've read this far, so without anymore procrastination, let the posting begin!