HI everyone,
Evertime I go super low carb for a couple of days (no fruit, nuts, dairy or alcohol) my body temp gets high at night- so high that my sister refuses to share the same bed because my heat forces her to wake up and move a bit further from me. I don't notice and sleep through the night, wake up and jump out of bed with that crazy energy you get on low carb. But if I continue for a week more I start sweating profusely at night, my pyjama top is literally wet with sweat when I wake up (and the sweat smells quite strong!) I also have to wake up at least once during the night to take a very very very long bathroom break. During this time I am losing lots of weight.
My question is, is this normal? Or should I consider getting my thyroid checked? Though when I add back carbs for a few days all this heat business stops. Is there an explanation for this?