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Thread: If Grok Couldn't Smell...Like Me...

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    Unhappy If Grok Couldn't Smell...Like Me...

    Have you ever come home after school and could smell your mother’s fresh cookies being made in the kitchen?
    Do you remember what grandpa or grandma smells like?
    Enjoy sudden memory flashbacks after smelling something?
    Have you ever walked by a stinky gym locker and wrinkled your nose in disgust? Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night to the scent of smoke, only to discover that your home was on fire?
    How about your own armpits or breath?

    I answer NO to all these questions. I have Congenital Anosmia. I grew up thinking i was completely normal, and figured I'd "grow" into my sense of smell or, figured "this is what things really smelt like". Everyone I tell this too laughs and tells me "I'm Lucky" because all of the bad smells out there . But they forget That I also cannot smell:

    Body Odor
    People (particularly significant others and children)
    Spoiled meat/food
    Bacon cooking
    Sea Air

    Not only that, but I'm certain my taste is MASSIVELY affected as well. I can not tell the difference between flavors of skittles/jelly beans/coffee/chicken and turkey/starburst etc. I Almost always get asked this question about taste by the way. But remember i have nothing to compare taste or lack of smell to. This is kind of the first time I've ever really talked about it I guess. I have been thinking about it alot today. Honestly im starting to officially, for the first time,feel "left out" especially when it comes to living primal. I've never smelt anything before, period. I actually did not "discover" this until I was about 14 years old. What was the "light bulb" for me was whenever i would stay over at a friends house we would wake up and he would know EXACTLY what his mom was cooking. And he was always right Everyone thought i was joking or trying to get attention growing up and never took me serious.

    I've tried to get this diagnosed and treated but there is no treatment. Most doctors shrug and say "All is fine, be happy it's not sight, or hearing". Or "the parts are there but just not working". This is unacceptable and frankly sucks. After researching I have found ALOT of people have this "disease". I'm now 27 and married with two daughters and have read it CAN be passed onto kids sometimes. Which somewhat worries me.

    Anyways i was just curious How Grok would have made it without this often take for granted sense, and if there are any other members that have a similar or same affliction. Also feel free to answer any questions you might have. If anything i can help bring some awareness to this condition.

    Also i can officially wear this if I wanted hahaha
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