Please tell me you didn't skip right from the title to the answer box. No? Okay. Allow me to explain.

It's too f***ing hot! I am beginning to struggle with paleo/primal eating after being fairly successful in the cold weather. But this morning I made some tomato soup with some ground pork and it smelled heavenly but I could not force myself to eat it. Too hot. So it's chillen in my fridge while I write.

When it was cooler I was happy with a weekly pot roast, stew, lots of roasted veggies and vegetable salad, but its just too hot. Korea is a lot more humid than what I'm used to, so I really have no experience with what to eat that doesn't make me feel like a blob of desperately needing air conditioner. So I am really craving my old vegetarian ways just because they are substantial but cool.