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Thread: Reading "Wheat Belly" - Only MODERN wheat is bad for us?

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    Exclamation Reading "Wheat Belly" - Only MODERN wheat is bad for us?

    I'm reading "wheat belly" by William Davis.

    Basically the whole book is about how GM wheat is the source of all evil and that the wheat that our grandparents ate had a different protein structure that didn't cause all the damage that modern wheat does to our body.

    He even made a test and prepared bread from "ancient" wheat that he could find (some people still grow it) and then regular wheat. He made bread from both.

    Ate the "ancient" bread (which he said had a different taste and texture) and his blood sugar went up just by a bit. The next day he ate the regular bread and his sugar went up twice as much.

    Why isn't this huge in the Paleo community? (I just started reading the book today). Might it be that we can all eat grains if they are ORIGINAL non GM grains ?? Today 99% wheat is the GM kind but what if they started growing the pre GM era grain?

    We could all eat Pastas and Burgers as much as we wanted to ;-) Where is more research on this????

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