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Thread: Reading "Wheat Belly" - Only MODERN wheat is bad for us?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Davidil View Post
    I like the "we're not birds" part. Want to go real paleo?

    Drop monogamy, how is that?

    Birds are monogamous, we are not.

    I would love to. I don't think monogamy is natural for humans. It was invented by a male-dominated society, in which females were perceived as property belonging first to their fathers and then to their husbands.

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    Davidil, everything is on a continuum from best-to-worst, and what makes it harder is that, as we are all individuals with our individual health quirks, even drawing such a continuum will be a very personal matter.

    Example - I have a celiac daughter, so having a wheat/gluten-continuum at all is not possible for her.
    Me - I don't seem to react in any noticeable way to wheat gluten (it is more the carb load that gets me), so I can sort shades of gray in modern hybrid wheat, ancient wheat, whole grain wheat, milled wheat (white/highly processed), sprouted wheat, no wheat no excuses, etc. But that isn't really the point of Primal/Paleo.

    In the end, it is up to you. But since you asked us - I am a stickler for definitions, and if you self-identify as Paleo or Primal, at some point, the grains just gotta go. And if you are wondering why, you haven't really done your Primal/Paleo reading yet.

    I get the question, as I wondered that myself at the beginning of reading Wheat Belly, as I was already familiar with the ancient strains. But Primal ancient wheat is simply an oxymoron, according to me.
    I have a mantra that I have spouted for years... "If I eat right, I feel right. If I feel right, I exercise right. If I exercise right, I think right. If I think right, I eat right..." Phil-SC

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    Quote Originally Posted by Davidil View Post
    What if you'd eat it and wouldn't gain a pound and would feel great? There is a lot of talk in the book about evidence of people eating bread for thousands of years. I hate bread, every time I touch it I feel sick, but what if it's all because it's GM?
    Technically, it's not GM, it's brute force hybridization. :P Which is arguably worse than GM because it's like using a hammer instead of a scalpel. I believe he pointed that out in the Wheat Belly book.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Davidil View Post
    Jesus man you need to relax.

    I just started the two books today but I've been off carbs for 6 weeks and feel great.

    It was just a thought, if I'd ever want a burger once in two weeks, it better be from none GM wheat, that's all.
    Perhaps you need to not make recommendations based on invalid conclusions that may make someone sick.

    I do crave burgers, and when I do, I grind meat and make them. Nice, big, juicy burgers. I don't crave rolls, though.
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