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Thread: Insects vs. Grass Fed Beef

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    I ate deep fried dragonflies in china. I don't recommend it... The deep fried scorpion wasn't too bad tho! Maybe its about the preparation?

    Does anyone here eat bugs regularly?

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    I eat around a pound of meat daily. I don't know if I can gag down a pound of insects.
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    One of the entomological societies has an insect dinner at their annual scientific meeting. When DS was young, it was in D.C. one year and we almost went. We chickened out, lol.
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    For me it's a case of the knowledge being useful in a pure survival scenario than something I would want to consume on a regular basis.

    But yeah, I was watching Luke Nguyen's series in Laos and he met a woman who cooked red ant egg salad. The kids were happily scarfing down scores of red ants. Luke described the eggs as having a milky taste and explained that they needed to eat the ants and eggs for protein.
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