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    I know I wasn't really starving. I just could not figure out why after eating so much, I felt like I was hungry again. I used the word starving as a bit a exaggeration.

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    Personally I take great comfort in planning and find spontaneous eating kind of scary. I shop once a week and always know what's for dinner which puts a very different perspective on any brief belly rumbles (which are rare). In my past life I would respond with starvation panic and eat a box of macaroni or slip away to the convenience store because my "decent meal future" was a blank fog.

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    In the past I have had certain nutrient deficiencies which seemed to cause insatiable hunger pangs. Might be worth looking into? Lack of magnesium for example classically causes chocolate cravings.

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    You just listed a lot of histamine and salicylate foods. Check out histamine and salicylate free diets.

    Also, almonds make me hungry no matter how much I've had to eat. Try cutting out almonds for a few days and see if that helps.
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    If I ate when hungry I'd eat all day long. If I think about it I can conjur up some hunger pretty much immediately at any time of the day or night. Just talking about this is making my peckish...So instead I need to plan ahead what a reasonable amount of food is for a day and stick to it. I need to tell myself that yes I may feel hungry, but that if I have only eaten an hour ago, my hunger signals are lying to me.

    I actually found what this psychologist who deals with addiction had to say on the matter,
    The relevant articles are 'inuitive eating' parts 1-3.

    I am pushing this at anyone who stands still long enough to listen - I have the zeal of the newly converted. But reading this woman's approaches to dealing with overeating was one of those eye-opening a-ha moments for me.

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    I think humans have instincts, like hunger and to feed. But our instincts are easily overridden by cultural influences. We are trained by our parents to ignore our hunger and eat what we are told to eat and how much we are told to eat, which is often far more than we would eat given the choice. I think this can be unlearned, but it is hardly automatic for many people.

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    For most people its a bad habit one gets used to, grazing and stuffing yourself, i have a friend who when we used to go out for dinner would get pissed of if i wanted to order a seafood platter meal, as he said it don't stuff him, i asked what? he said he feels its a waist of money spending big dollars at some fancy restaurant eating light meals "seafood" and walking away feeling unsatisfied, he preferred the feeling of stuffing himself feeling full.

    When he comes over some days we would be watching a Football game and he would eat so much, than just unzip his belt and moan for the next 15 minutes rubbing his tummy lol - I mean this guy loves his food, i thought i like food but this guy takes it to a new level, i seen him once eat so much he had to run outside and puke, my friend is only satisfied when he is chock full to the TOP leaving just enought to breed.

    He once told the chef who came out and asked us how was the meal, he sat there STUFFED and satisfied and replied something like "I'm ready for the electric chair dude" as in he would be satisfied if this had been his last supper that's how good the meal was to him basically a very filling meal.. lol

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    I think it varies. When I'm eating paleo/primal my appetite self-regulates. However, if I'm cheating and eating a bunch of carbs or processed foods or drinking alcohol, my appetite will get out of control fast.
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    Quote Originally Posted by llyons View Post
    I know I wasn't really starving. I just could not figure out why after eating so much, I felt like I was hungry again. I used the word starving as a bit a exaggeration.
    Actually, your predicament is really common for a lot of people who switch over to a more paleo diet. It usually goes away after a while.
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    You & I need to go out to eat, lol...... I eat a ton too!

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