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Thread: Primal dandruff control?

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    Quote Originally Posted by aprilleigh1974 View Post
    Very interesting. I know of people who don't wash their hair, but they've never explained it like this (maybe because they don't do it like this, I don't know) so I've always been a little grossed out by the thought of not washing. My head will itch and it seems like I get hotter and skin more irritated if I don't.

    So is your hair shiny or dull? Do you style it? Do you have long or thick hair? Sorry for all the questions. Just hard to wrap my mind around this for myself.
    My hair is shiny and thick, about 8" long right now (pretty long for a guy). Normally I get it cut to about 2", but it's been a while since my last haircut.

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    This is just an immune issue like any other dysbiosis that our bodies should be able to keep in check. Fix the immune issue and it'll go away - same as any yeast or fungal infection.

    [HTML] Multicenter, open-label, non-comparative study of a combination of polytar and zinc pyrithione shampoo in the management of dandruff [HTML]SN Sawleshwarkar, V Salgaonkar, C … - Indian Journal of …, 2010 - Medknow
    ... Discussion, Top. The association between seborrhoeic dermatitis and dandruff, and the
    yeast Malassezia furfur is well recognized. Due to its anti-mycotic activity, zinc pyrithione
    is established as an effective treatment for these scalp conditions. ...
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    Malassezia globosa and restricta: breakthrough understanding of the etiology and treatment of dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis through whole-genome analysis

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    [HTML] Dandruff: The most commercially exploited skin disease [HTML]S Ranganathan, T Mukhopadhyay - Indian Journal of Dermatology, 2010 - Medknow
    ... The role of lipophilic yeast belonging to the genus Malassezia was widely accepted
    to play a role in dandruff way back in 1846. [8],[10] Eichstedt was the first to recognize
    the presence of this fungus in the disease pityriasis versicolor. ...

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