I love love love cold water therapy, and in my last apartment tried to take an ice bath at least once a week. It makes me feel great, and I like the tangible health benefits. Unfortunately, however, I haven't been able to do cold water therapy in a month, and need some suggestions figuring out alternatives.

Right now I'm voluntarily living out of my car in order to solve my financial problems, and shower at my gym. Given that I live in Texas and that it's the hot season, it's impossible for me to take a cold shower since the tap is warmed up too much, and there isn't a cold plunge otherwise.

Thus, how can I get in my cold water therapy in this kind of lifestyle, which shall be continuing for a few months more? I've tried looking up cold plunges online, but it seems that not many places will put that in their search engine criteria.

I know of a nearby spa and Russian Banya that offers a cold plunge, but it's $24-25 admission, and I'm not keen on paying for a sauna when I already have one at my gym. The aromatherapy within a sauna of a particular place may be worth it . . . but it's still a bit too pricey when my only desire is to freeze. I'll do it eventually if I have to, but want to avoid it if I can.

I'm also aware that it's possible some other gyms may contain a cold plunge, and it would be worthy to ask around as a daily pass of $10-15 is a palatable price to use a cold plunge for me. I'll have to ask around; it's annoying it's not so easily searchable on a website.

Anything you guys are aware of that I might be missing?