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    How can I get rid of stretch marks?

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    I recently lost some weight and now i have stretch marks on my hips! (that's the only place!!!) I have tried vitamin E and mederma but nothing worked very well. Does any one know of anything that I can do that has worked for them?!?

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    There is no magical cure for stretch marks. They are basically scars from your skin stretching past its elasticity. The best thing you can do for them is good skin care overall, which includes eating collagen-rich foods like bone broth, proteins from meat, and healthy saturated fats.

    But seriously, most people have stretch marks, even people who have never had excess body fat. It's a fact of life.
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    Yeah seriously! I don't know anyone that does not have stretchmarks. I have them everywhere, hips, butt, upper arms, back of my legs and lower abs. I got them when I lost weight many years ago and some from puberty and they are still there. Over the years I have been taking care of my skin. I exfoliate once a week, drink lost of water and of course eat primal. I also made my own concoction of body cream (mix of coconut oil, shea butter, vitamin e and cocoa butter). I haven't gotten anymore over the last couple of years even though my weight fluctuated.

    I know they can be a source of insecurity but if you have them on your hips, no one really sees that unless your in a bathing suit. I only wear a sports bra and shorts at the gym and I really don't care. My hubby doesn't give a crap about them either and he met having them nor I had any issues meeting men prior to being married.

    So don't worry about could have something much worse happen to you.

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    In most cases they fade over time as well. If you are in your early twenties, they might actually disappear. The one thing to avoid is a yo-yo weight gain- weight loss.
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    Get used to them. I have stretch marks from when I gained a lot of weight in my early teens, they're still there in my late twenties.

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    yes, I have them too.

    i've decided that they don't bother me.

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    If they're still "fresh" and pink you can reduce their appearance by massaging them, to encourage the skin to contract (trust me, the skin is an organ too and can be stimulated and re-directed, like any part of your body).
    Once they've scarified properly then it's best to get used to them, though.
    I have little white "rivers" over my upper thighs and huge shiny marks in a "belt" around where my hips become my belly. Lost weight too fast (almost 3 sizes in 3 months), didn't know how to treat stretchmarks, got them scarified. Don't bother me anymore. *shrugs*
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    Aloe vera is very effective treatment for various skin problems including stretch marks.

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    I have a few on my legs and my stomach. I've decided I don't mind mine either - they're a reminder of life, the things I've gone through and a huge reminder that I'm now travelling the right road.

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    if the vitamin E isn't working, you can try cocobutter but I'm just like everyone else here in that I've had them and while they fade a little, they're still with me as a reminder of where I've been.

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