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    The majority of us are here because there's something we want to change. For some it's body comp, for some it's health conditions, for some it's mental health issues. But the road to change is rarely linear: we take wrong turns, are stalked by doubt, and sometimes want to give up.

    Are you trying to change, or have you already overcome something significant? If so, what do /did you do to stay motivated and inspired?
    I tried Primal Blueprint as described by the book. It cured my obesity, my snoring/apnea, my acne, my arthiritis, my angina, and raised my HDL from 50 to 90, got me back into my chin-ups and push-ups, and more.

    I tried adding fruit in large amounts and that almost made me go blind in my right eye, so F that. Apparently my IBS/Crohn's or whatever it is isn't a fan of excess fruit. Lesson learned.

    Started eating a lot of dairy and had some gas, some red patches on my face, and joints got a litte achy again. So dialed in back to a hand-sized block of cheese (usually the Dubliner Kerrygold or other grass-fed or raw) a week.

    It worked like magic, I still believe in the power of fat, and I stick around the forums for the silly conversations we get to have.

    Fitness (lifting heavy) is my hurdle. I have nobody to teach me how to hold that big, heavy metal bar. So I do bench presses and curl freeweights for now.

    I don't stay motivated or inspired. Those are cheap words used by weak people who have no idea how insignificant they are. I live because I am alive. I engage in certain rituals to avoid weakness and pain and to make my life more pleasant. It is fear of a decrepit lifestyle that gives me reason at all to pursue health. And then I will be dust. What should dust hope for? At most, to remain dust. Hope is a lie, a dragon not worth chasing. Motivation ends in decay as we become distracted. Inspiration rises like the sun and sets just as soon, filed away as all things forgotten.
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    I know what has worked for me in the past. Having tracked the progress I've made (I print out a weekly chart of my weight loss that looks good on the wall) helps to keep me keeping on. I've hit some patches of slower progress and plateaus, but because the science makes sense to me and because I know it's worked in the past, I find it easier to stick with what I'm doing. I'm currently 'stuck' again but it's only been a week and I know my body is dealing with stuff at the moment, so I'm happy with what I'm currently doing - vlc and 1 meal a day. I'll keep this going and wait for my body to sort itself out and get back on track. Even if I stick here for a while, what I'm doing makes sense to me, so I have no intention of changing it. I probably need to mix it up with exercise etc, but I can't see changing the way I eat now.
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    The evidence of my own body - health, fitness, size, shape - is what keeps me believing.

    I don't have to look far to stay motivated - seeing the sad shape that most people are in (and I would be if I backslid), is motivation enough to keep on track.

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    I started out here mainly because of digestive issues that I'd suffered for my entire twenties...I had cut wheat out before and had some success but it still didn't sort me out. I find the science behind health fascinating and something about this science rang really true and stuck with me. I saw such dramatic reductions in brain fog, bloating, achieved way more energy and a 'glow' that keeping those beliefs has since been effortless.

    I have occasionally gone back to the form of candy, usually. I always end up coming off it after a couple of weeks of indulgence and doing things right again. This in itself proves to me how much this lifestyle has changed me. I feel like the veil of ignorance has been lifted and now my choices are informed ones, and I'm only human so I slip up sometimes but it doesn't last anymore. I understand why I do it and how to stop much better than I used to.

    I suppose I'm motivated to have energy, beat depression and keep things working how they should, and fix my gut. From a purely vain point of view I've always wanted the cut, athletic, tight body. I've always been fairly slim but my biggest hurdle is not over-eating because I love food, and I'll never get my BF% down that extra bit I want if I don't reign it in a bit. So I want to feel more in control I guess.

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    The gremlin inside my head. 99% of people of my top weight have relapses, I've had two, if I knew what prevented it I'd be a billionaire. Psychologically and physiologically success breeds success, but what starts & re-starts that ball rolling I have absolutely no idea.
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    The difference in how I look and feel is so great that I don't need any other motivator. I've never made any change to my life which has brought in so much success and so many positive results. Its a no-brainer. But getting into the details, listening to the different speakers on this subject, reading, and generally absorbing the information, keeps me on track.

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    I guess what keeps me believing and continuing is that I feel so healthy and happy and vital. If I deviate from the nutritious food for a while, I don't feel as good.

    This morning in the mirror it looked to me like my belly was huge, like all deadly abdominal fat huge. But then I went to do my lifting and told myself I only have to press this weight one time and then I've met my requirement. I pressed it 3 times in a row. I nearly cried because it was at the maximum I've lifted. I didn't cry over my belly but I almost cried over this. Whenever this happens I'm reminded that emotionally it is more meaningful and positive for me to focus on what I can do and what I can improve and less on the set-backs and things that aren't perfect.

    Next up I'm going to learn how to play the Waldorf Reel on my fiddle even if it kills me.
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    I am trying to overcome/heal/cure my own mental health issues. To stay motivated & inspired, I need only see the positive results I have had so far. Where I am now is SO MANY times better than where I was last year, the year before, the year before that etc.

    When I'm frustrated, I just remember that even at my lowest now, I am better than I was. My lowest now is worth the frustration. I know I never have to be as sad as I was, I just have to make the right choices. So I do.

    I would never have been able to do this if I hadn't changed my diet and found out about amino acid supplementation.
    Journal on depression/anxiety
    Currently trying to figure out WTF to eat (for IBS-C).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paleobird View Post
    Yeah a couple of little things like continuing to not die from a recurrence of cancer and keeping epilepsy under control with 25% less medication are some things that motivate me. Being able to climb mountains and look good in a swimsuit in my 50s are nice too.

    No, I don't get frustrated. Why? Because what I do works for me.
    I created this thread to gather positive stories and worldly wisdom for people who need it. Do you have to be snide?
    "I think the basic anti-aging diet is also the best diet for prevention and treatment of diabetes, scleroderma, and the various "connective tissue diseases." This would emphasize high protein, low unsaturated fats, low iron, and high antioxidant consumption, with a moderate or low starch consumption.

    In practice, this means that a major part of the diet should be milk, cheese, eggs, shellfish, fruits and coconut oil, with vitamin E and salt as the safest supplements."

    - Ray Peat

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    Quote Originally Posted by YogaBare View Post
    I created this thread to gather positive stories and worldly wisdom for people who need it. Do you have to be snide?
    Excuse me? Huh? That was not even the slightest bit snidely meant. Where did you get that perception from?
    I meant that as an honest account of what motivates me. No snideness involved.

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