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    I definitely feel ashwagandha has been the most potent adaptogen, the siberian ginsing has been good as well but its more of a stimulant where as ashwa has more of a bulletproof feel, also a viagra like effect. Rohdiolia rosea(sp) was much weaker then these two, not sure i felt anything off it. The forst two i used the alochol tinctures though and the rohdiolia was a capsule. I will give it another try in liquid form.

    Have not tried Hy Basil, thanks for the suggestion, im going to pick it up next time. I really do like adaptogens.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drumroll View Post
    I was debating what other herbs to try in addition to the ashwagandha. I will probably continue the ashwagandha until the bottle is empty, then go on another herb until that bottle is empty... Maybe go back to the ashwagandha again afterwards.

    I was thinking tulsi (holy basil to some) might be a fine choice once the ashwagandha is out since it is one of the best known of the "adaptogenic" herbs as well. I could get leaves straight and make a tisane out of it or go with a tincture again. Eleuthero root is another fine choice as well though.
    ...hmmm, IMO, this is the wrong approach. With any of these 'herbs' where a potential for tolerance can occur, it is always better to take regular SHORT breaks, than to take a product for longer, prolonged periods, and then be forced to take several months off.

    By following a simple weekly schedule (and adjusting as individual tolerance requires) -- so perhaps something like five days ON, followed by two days OFF -- the better the chances you can benefit from any/all sustained therapeutic effects, without end.

    Find a schedule that works in such a way that tolerance is prevented, and only valuable therapeutic effects are experienced...hebs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drumroll View Post
    I thought this too at first, but I haven't really noticed any of the other symptoms that are typically associated with a "flagging" testosterone level.
    It doesn't necessarily effect you "down there" but it does manifest itself in other ways - that feeling of not being quite right, lacking in energy and motivation. Believe me its worth checking out.

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    Back in 1976, my husband at the time and I went to a holistic chiropractor who subscribed to Edgar Cayce methods. He had us taking supplements/herbs during the week days and off on the weekends. It's difficult to remember exactly why, but I'm think it was to keep the body from adjusting to them.

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    I just wanted to provide an update. I started taking rhodiola maybe two weeks ago, and it actually works! I always thought that I had a weird circadian rhythm--not really a morning person, I prefer to go to bed around 12 or 1 am and sleep until 9 or 10. This doesn't work at all with my crossfit and work schedules. Since starting crossfit, I've been getting up at 5 or 6 am and trying to go to bed by 9 or 10 pm. I often can't get to sleep that early. Will lie in bed and stress about not falling asleep/not getting enough sleep. Then, the next day, I'll be tired in the afternoon but awake again by bed time. The rhodiola fixed this completely, and I fall asleep immediately when I go to bed around 10. Not tired in the afternoons anymore either.

    I recently switched the rhodiola with ashwagandha, and I don't think it works as well. But i've only been taking it for two days so can't say for sure yet.

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