...and I am surely going there.

My 15yo DD has been the most resistant to cutting the crap out of her diet. I had kind of hoped seeing her mom get smaller by eating less crap would convince her to consider the possibility. She had been pretty bummed about the 25lbs puberty had packed on her little frame and the acne that popped up at the same time, but she just wasn't willing to give up the crappy snacks that she could eat with abandon in her childhood.

Then a couple of months ago she saw a VS model interviewed before the runway show and she said she prepared for it by going on a no carb diet. When DD asked me about the no carb diet, I tried to explain the theory that carbs make people fat as nonchalantly as possible and then seeing an opportunity I said, "Those girls have probably tried every diet there is. I imagine they know what works." I could practically hear Satan cackling. What kind of mother holds up a VS model interview as nutritional advice?!

But ever since then DD checks the carb content on everything she eats. The crappy food content of her diet is down at least 90%. I was a little worried she might starve herself, but she seems to be as incapable of that as I am. She's down 10lbs though, and her acne is nearly gone. She eats a ton of fruits and veggies, very little grain, has replaced all but 8oz of milk with plain green tea, makes sure to get at least 0.5g protein/lb of body weight, decided to try yogurt and dark chocolate for the first time in her life (and likes them). All thanks to the diet advice of a VS model. Here's to taking your victories where you find them!