I was looking at the nutrition analyses for the food items mentioned above, and now I'm not sure what good reason I would have for avoiding wheat. I do believe I have a mild sensitivity to gluten (I tend to get stomach cramps after eating a meal with a high wheat content), but I can generally tolerate most wheat just fine in moderation. So what reason is there, if any, for those who can tolerate gluten to avoid wheat? From what I see here, whole wheat pasta has the lowest glycemic index, as well as a decent amount of protein and a fair amount of manganese, selenium, magnesium, and phosphorus. The only competition as far as bang for your calorie seems to be quinoa, which is slightly higher in calories and glycemic load, but the elevated fat content may help keep one's appetite content for longer.

Nutrition Facts and Analysis for Quinoa, cooked

White rice:
Nutrition Facts and Analysis for Rice, white, long-grain, regular, cooked

Nutrition Facts and Analysis for Potatoes, boiled, cooked without skin, flesh, without salt

Whole Wheat Pasta:
Nutrition Facts and Analysis for Spaghetti, whole-wheat, cooked