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    hello from Canada

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    Hi everybody.

    Big fan of Mark's daily apple and all things Primal. I had come around to this style of eating, mostly out of trying to reduce my pesticide and chemical intake and the chemical that are formed in high temperature cooking. Avoiding foods that have Acrylamide pretty much canceled out most grains anyway! In reading Mark's book, I enjoyed learning about how grains effect my insulin production and such. I wasn't a huge Carb eater, but did snack on corn chips and crackers quite a bit.. cereal and oats for breakfast etc.. Since cutting those, eating lots more protein and working on getting stronger, I've made some massive gains in my body composition. I like to weight train, hike, golf, run and walk my neighborhood barefoot. Anyway - just wanted to share a little and say hello. So Hi!

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    Hello there fellow canuck! Welcome aboard!
    I grok, therefore I am.

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    Hi - and where are all the other Canadians on here? Perhaps there should be some regional forums to help users connect locally...

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    You can count another Canadian here.
    I joined the forum only recently after casually following the MDA blog for over a year, and my husband and I are still gradually working our way into this new lifestyle.
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    Another Canadian here in Chalk River. (Regional Forum...sure..where?)
    I went primal about 2 months ago and I've shed about 20 lb of fat. Still not used to breakfasts that are not sugar coated grain floating in milk. <really> But lunch and dinner are working out ok. I'm a part time certified fitness instructor and my excess weight really bothered me. I live in Chalk River which is about 1/2 way from North Bay to Ottawa on Highway 17. I teach Zumba, which is play; and my serious workouts are CrossFit, which is very Primal.

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