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    Thumbs down You think you're finally getting through to people and then...

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    .. your husband comes home with a big carton of orange juice and several tins of chicken soup containing flour, sugar, artificial sweeteners and MSG because 'It makes him feel better' (he has a cold). I would have happily made him a proper soup if he'd asked.

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    Lmao! Husbands (or wives) are sometimes the hardest ones to get through to. I think they just like to make life interesting by making it challenging at times!

    Hope hubby gets better soon!

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    Yeah my wife buys some crazy stuff sometimes as well. We have always eaten very clean and healthy, so its even more confusing for me when I came home last night to find a bag of buns, brownies, and cupcakes in the pantry??? My kids wont even eat that stuff if you offer it to them so WTF!! She has always been super fit and eats well, but some times???

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    My wife does the same.. brings in some crap.. I beg her not to.. (when I binge.. I will eat EVERYTHING).. but my willpower is getting better...

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    i feel your pain!!! Ill prepare a fabulous primal dinner....and 10 minutes later the BF will go on an ice cream run. sigh......

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    My husband keeps bringing home giant bars of milk chocolate and English toffee, and using my "gluten sensitivity" as an excuse to eat the entire contents of the bread basket when we go out to dinner.

    Also, he has lost considerably more weight than I have, and keeps telling people about how we are eating healthier.

    It sort of makes me want to stab him with a shrimp fork.

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    Yup, I feel ya. My dh decided to go shopping a week ago because we were low on food. Despite knowing that I'm trying to get rid of the sugar in our kids diet, that I haven't been eating grains, and that I prefer foods that we can cook from scratch and can mutipurpose he bought:

    wonderbread (eww!! seriously? we have NEVER bought wonder bread)
    froot loops
    a 6 pack of blueberry muffins
    a package of summer sausage
    and a small package of cheese slices.

    He's not allowed to go shopping by himself anymore.
    Calm the f**k down.

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    My boyfriend is really enjoying the occassional fruit and cheese plate after dinner. He thinks whole milk tastes like ice cream now. If he's buying junk, he's not bringing it the house. I had made a lovely primal lunch for him about a month ago, and he went to Taco Bell instead and it made him really ill (he had been making small primal changes at that time). That's when he started to believe that what we eat really does matter.

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    It's nearly impossible to get people off the junk who have been eating it all of their lives, especially when they don't think that what they're doing is unhealthy and detrimental to their longevity and happiness. The only way they're ever going to change is if they actually understand the benefit of eating healthily. It takes a lot of reading and contemplation to understand these things, but the only way that will ever happen is if they perceive a benefit to healthy eating which begs the question. If they aren't fat or dying, they won't have any impetus to learn and understand and they will be worse off for it.
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    Even when people know that what they're doing is going to be detrimental to their health they're still not likely to change what they're doing. My gf wants to eat just healthy enough so that she doesn't gain weight and lose some if she watches her crabs. I could rattle on about how much better she'd be off if she took a genuine interest in her overall diet. The fact that she's a smoker (both kinds) is an indicator that she doesn't really care about her health like I do.
    It's much easier in this day and age to eat whatever ends up in front of you that tastes good and then worry about paying the health bill later.

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