Hello Everyone,

This is my second post on here but I want to be accountable, mostly to myself, and to provide a reference to me down the road about what has worked and what hasn't. I've been on a low carb diet in earnest for about 6 weeks now but over the last 15 years on / off. I had success last summer in losing some weight, but Christmas back in England with family and friends led to a gain again. What has inspired me more about MDA is the exercise regime as I have a list of injuries and weakness's that don't allow for jogging or alot of things, so I've felt outcast in a way. This regime to me is something I can manage and will be able to commit to. I already walk alot, which fulfills the most part of the weekly schedule, and starting yesterday I did my first set of 'heavy lifting', minus the pullups. I'm starting at the easiest / lowest levels, but that is fine, and where I'm meant to be. As for the sprinting, I'm slightly nervous but will give it a go within the 7 days.

Average Daily Menu

B - Coffee / Cream / Splenda / Coconut Oil / 2 hard boiled eggs (sometimes with butter)
S - peanuts
L - tuna & mayo
D - fried meat (in olive oil & butter) with onions / mushrooms, lots of broccoli & courgettes OR large salad with avocado / lettuce / mushrooms / 6 strips of bacon / oil based dressing / some dripping of bacon fat
between 3 and 4 litres of water per day sweetened with 'mio'

Exercise - I'm following the Primal Fitness 7 day chart, yesterday was Monday and I did my heavy lifting, will do it again tomorrow (Wednesday), will sprint at the weekend, and I walk to and from work every workday (40 mins each way), and I usually hike once on the weekend - between 5-10k.

I know there are a few food items noted above that are not pure 'primal', the splenda and water flavour.

My starting weight is 150lbs, I'm 40 years old, female, quite a few injuries (back / hip), sciatica, ACL replacement 2 years ago, I'm hypermobile and suffer from over extension alot. I'm also in pain every day, this improved when I cut out sugar and wheat however, but the nerve pain remains.

Please stop by and say hello, and I appreciate all suggestions which may help me in my journey!!