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    I would tell them: Don't believe everything you think. But then, I really don't care about what others want to eat or not. I've given up on changing people's minds about food a long time ago.

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    If they can't change their diet to fix their diet-based problems, good for them. You've planted the seed, now it's their turn to act.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Poppi View Post
    It's shocking how many people have told me they would commit suicide if they had to live with my dietary restrictions.
    As mentioned I don't normally bring it up - unless they are about to bring me food (friends, relatives, and waiters ).

    One reaction was the brother of a friend (of Italian family background) - when I said I don't eat refined starches, he said jokingly of himself "you may as well shoot me now - there's nothing left to eat" I just laughed along and said there's plenty, but I can be a challenge if you're used accustomed to a high carb diet.

    A minute later his question was "what's the best exercise to loose weight". I said as an office worker, if you keep eating bread, pasta, pizza, gnocchi and risotto every day, then I have no idea. I just cant see any practical way that anyone can burn off that fuel, it's just better to not load up with that type of fuel in the first place.
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    Of course I have trouble! "You mean you want to eat all that fat?" Yep. Pass the bacon! What's amazing is how easy it was to transition..I loved big bowls of spaghetti but then when you think about it, what does spaghetti, or any pasta for that matter, taste like? It's the sauce I enjoyed so now I put it over spaghetti squash or "spaghetti-ed" zucchini.

    No need for carb overload..I think that's what people have a hard time comprehending. There are great alternatives that are at your fingertips and are much more healthy.

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    I didn't think I could, either. That was my first reaction. Had to try something, though. Was suprised at how manageable it was, thanks to everyone's help and advice three years ago on this forum. Lol, remember Grizz? Bwah hah. Silly goose. I don't miss him. :P
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    I started out by quitting sugar (before I found Primal) and my internet reading kept bringing me back to MDA but I thought "I can't do that! Seriously, no pasta/bread/potatoes/beans???!! This diet is waaay too extreme!"

    I had to read tons of stuff on here before I was ready to give it a go, in the end it was spotting a picture of Mark in VFFs that convinced me he might be right (I already had a much-loved pair of classics - all that science and it was my love of toe shoes that convinced me).

    NOW it seems so easy to live this way, but if I remember how I felt back then I can sympathise with people who think it's too hard. Lots of people lose weight on crazy diets so my weight loss isn't proof for a sceptic - I try not to preach or criticise others' diets (not always easy) but you're only responsible for yourself at the end of the day.

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    I remember going through a slightly evangelical phase shortly after making the switch to Primal/Paleo - I felt so amazing, surely everyone else should be eating/living this way too - and probably bored a few people senseless in the process. Thankfully that calmed down after a month or so! As differences have started to become more noticeable, more people have asked what I have done. If they show interest beyond the 'whole unprocessed foods' explanation I will tell them a bit more, then point them in the right direction for MDA and various other online resources I've found helpful. If I get the 'OMG I couldn't live without bread' response I just smile and say that it's important to find a solution that works for you. The people I find more difficult to deal with are those who, after saying they would DIE without bread, go on to tell me the way I eat is unhealthy whilst chowing down on food/drinks laden with additives and other crap. However, as Primal-V says we can only be responsible for ourselves.

    Totally agree with the poster who said that people want the answer to be something other than the answer! Bottom line is that there are no quick fixes and that being committed to long-term health means making changes to diet, exercise, sleep and stress levels - and STICKING to them.
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    I just agree with them.
    Nope, you probably couldn't. Most people are too weak to take things into their own hands and have control. It's just a fact.

    I've said this to a couple people and reactions were mixed. One got miffed and I just said that I merely agreed with them and the other changed the subject. It was hilarious.
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    I just shrug and say "So don't."

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    I'll admit I'm still a bit passionate about primal so I tend to get a bit enthusiastic when explaining how I eat. But yes, it does annoy me when someone who has health problems, not just the weight issues I've had, says 'I couldn't do that'. For me it wasn't difficult to decide that my health is more important than any food. There's always something else you can eat after all, and primal has the best goodies, imo. It is very much them wanting it both ways - success without effort.

    I'm hopeful that as I continue to stay and look healthy that it will encourage my friends to take my approach more seriously. But ultimately, yes, it's their lives and their choice.
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