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Thread: Paleo approved salt???

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    Paleo approved salt???

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    Hey guys!!!!

    For the life of me I cannot find any salt that contains iodine that does not have added sugar of some kind.

    I have searched every grocery store!!!! When the ingredients just list salt, it then goes on to say it does not contain iodine.

    Anyone have a good iodine, paleo salt they order online?????

    Thanks for your help!!!!

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    I take an iodine supplement and use Himalayan Pink Salt. I've never seen a natural salt with iodine (not to say it doesn't exist).

    This is what Dr. Michael R. Eades has to say about it:

    In addition to broth, get some Celtic Sea Salt, Himalayan Salt or one of the other grayish, pinkish kind of grungy looking salts and replace your normal salt with these. And don’t use them sparingly. These salts have been harvested either from ancient sea beds or obtained by evaporation of sea water with high mineral content and contain about 70 percent of the sodium of regular salt (which has been refined, bleached and processed until it is pretty much pure sodium chloride, often with anti-caking agents added). The other 30 percent of the volume is other minerals and micronutrients (including iodine) found in mineral-rich seas. Consuming these salts is not just following a Paleolithic diet using modern food, but, depending upon the origin of the salt, it is consuming the same food your Paleolithic ancestors ate. I much prefer these salts taste-wise to regular salt, and I salt the heck out of all my food with it.

    Tips & tricks for starting (or restarting) low-carb Pt II » The Blog of Michael R. Eades, M.D.

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    Really....are you using that much salt for the minuscule amount of added sugar to make a difference?
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    interested in this also as i bought some Himalayan Salt but richard mentioned

    Quote Originally Posted by richard View Post
    contains high amounts of fluoride for one thing. It is rock salt mined mostly in Pakistan. ACcording to this German site these are analysis of this salt in mg or g per kg. Many problems with eating this stuff if this is true, so I just use grey sea salt:

    Sodium 460.10 g
    Chloride 520.50 g
    Potassium 1510.00 mg
    Calcium 1750.00 mg
    Magnesium 18200.00 mg
    Ammonium 430.00 mg
    Iron 65.39 mg
    Manganese 102.04 mg
    Strontium 17:10 mg
    Barium 1.79 mg
    Arsenic 0:41 mg
    Lead 1:09 mg
    Cadmium 0:03 mg
    Chrome 0.91 mg
    Selenium 2:17 mg
    Zinc 14:18 mg
    Copper 5:18 mg
    Fluorides 231.00 mg
    Bromide 4010.00 mg
    Iodide 0.80 mg
    Sulfate 610.00 mg
    Sulfides 9:10 mg
    Hydrogen phosphate 8.90 mg
    Bicarbonate 15100.00 mg
    Silica 140.00 mg

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    Pink Himalayan salt like people have said. It's the stuff.
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    Lima brand French Atlantic sea salt has been our house salt for 20 years. Semi-recently read about the pink Himalayan on a raw food website, and immediately tracked that down - we looooove the taste. I just bought some Maldon salt flakes, but haven't tried them yet. I used up a bag of Redmond salt, but none of us liked it as well or better than the Lima brand - but that is just us.
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    Thanks guys!!!!! Guess I'm going with the pink Himalayan salt.

    You guys are awesome!!!

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